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Play it! Mix it! Rock it!

That’s what a DJ is for! Play it; mix it and create the rocking air that let your feet bounce and your hearts thump with the beat of the music! DJ SHOW being aware of different genres and styles knows how to play with beats and bass to multiply the interest of your guests at the event. Whether a slow romantic melody or a hip hop dancing number, manipulating sounds to create and hold an emotion in the air is what DJ SHOW is all about!

Event Planning?

Planning an event?  Do you wish to make it special?


Event planning could be a great headache at times! Whether it is your own event or you are planning it for someone else, DJ SHOW could be your life saver or rather, event saver!

You deserve the most special services in every way because you only live once!

DJ SHOW makes your events special and memorable in a musical way you would always remember! Plan your events with DJ SHOW to make them more enjoyable. Whether you need a background score at a wedding or a cocktail party, if you need to throw a musical night, or a concert, DJ SHOW can be your music maestro for the evening. 


DJ SHOW plays it well at:

  • Clubs

  • Concerts

  • Corporate Events

  • Commercial/Online Radio

  • Weddings

  • Fashion Shows

  • Opening Acts/Closing Acts

  • Personal parties or any other event that needs to be musical

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