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Price and Packages

Worried about your budget? You do not need to!

The packages here are purpose-made for different clients. Save your wedding extravaganza or event’s resources without compromising the quality of the event in harmony with the client’s desires and budget. Discuss with us the complete service package you expect. We put you at ease as much as we can! Check out our standard wedding and corporate packages below:

What makes DJ Show Stand Out?

What makes DJ Show Stand Out?

  • Protocol planning kit

  • 1 hour pre-selected cocktail music

  • 4 hours non-stop reception music

  • Professional sound system

  • Professional intelligent lighting

  • 1 seasoned professional MC/DJ

  • Initial Consultation & Final Planning Meeting

  • Personalized Event Planner

  • Professional sound system

  • Professional intelligent lighting

  • Up to 6 Hours of Performance Time

  • Professionally Dressed Entertainer

  • Emcee Services for Introductions & Announcements

Check Availability

Let us know when you plan to host your event and discuss your schedule with us.

Contact to know more!

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Tune in to the Magic of Music

Let it play harder!

Are you bored of slow paced events with tasteless music to fill in the background? We got you covered! Let DJ Show add his magic to your events and make them memorable. DJ Show plays your tunes, according to your choices with a touch of his own that creates the magic you desire.


Who is DJ Show?

We bet you have heard the name before! Whether you are attending an event, or planning one in New York, DJ Show is the name you most probably would have come across several times! DJ Show firmly established himself in the music scenario of Albany, New York in the past few years. Already been catering to a number of clients in New York, he has spread his charisma at various events, thanks to his great ear for music and talent of playing it well.

DJ Show adds his own touch in the blends of hip-hop, rock and funk to rock the event and make it special for everyone present there.


Born and raised in the birthplace of Hip-Hop, Bronx-bred DJ SHOW fell in love with DJ-ing at an early age. He cites his mentor DJ Joey O, along with acts like Kid Capri, Funk Flex, DJ S&S and DJ Camilo as strong influences who turned him to this passion. At the age of 13, after SHOW’s father bought him his first set of turntables, it became clear that his hobby could turn into a full-blown career.

In 2003, advancing his studies at the State University of New York at Albany, SHOW’s run as a DJ in New York at local events expanded. He became the Urban Music Director at the college’s radio station, WCDB. He also split his time between Albany and the Big Apple by DJing sets in nightclubs in New York City, and also spun for other colleges in New York State like Syracuse University, SUNY-Binghamton, Utica College, and SUNY-New Paltz.

While receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Business, he (along with DJ Playboy) co-founded Money Talks Entertainment, where they worked to produce and distribute two mixtapes throughout the Capital Region: The Takeover Hip-Hop Series and Grown and Sexy R&B Series. Later on, MTE recruited DJ Sunkiss, and together, the trio worked to dominate the Albany DJ scene, adding The Pull It Up Reggae mixtape series and The Art of Intimacy R&B slow jams series to their collection, which has seen regional distribution and international attention.

For close to the past five years (currently), SHOW has been at the helm of Albany’s Hot 99.1 FM’s (WQSH-HD2) The HOTness Radio Show, every weekday night from 7pm to midnight, which features the Hot 7 at 7 Countdown, Heat Wave Commercial Free Mix Show and New at 10. To listen, hit up and the Hot 99.1 FM app on your smartphone.

One of the best DJ in New York, while slightly reserved and laid back when he’s not on the 1’s and 2’s, DJ SHOW knows how to turn it on to give the people what they want.


As he says,

“Whether it be five, fifty, five hundred, five thousand or fifty thousand, I’m gonna rock out like it’s my last time to spin music for the world.”

What makes DJ Show Stand Out?

Are you still thinking how DJ Show may help you rock your party? Here is the answer! DJ Show has a taste for great;

  • Music selection

  • Crowd interaction

  • Spontaneity

  • Music blending and recreating tunes


DJ Show has already had the experience of rocking it at many events from small personal gatherings to big stage parties including renowned artists like Rakim, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Ashanti, Mase, Beres Hammond, and Elephant Man. Also, the corporate clients like CHCANYS (Community Health Care Association of New York State), Cogency Global, Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. DJ Show has also taken up notable interviews with: Sean Paul, Migos, Big Boi of Outkast, Amadeus (producer), Kid Ink, Eric Bellinger, TK N Cash, Hell Rell, Will Tha Rapper, Wash, and P Reign.Moreover, he has the experience of working together with many celebrity DJs like Celebrity DJs worked with Funk Flex, DJ Envy, DJ Self, DJ Legend, DJ SnS, Cipha Sounds, Massive B, DJ Ty Boogie, DJ First Choice, DJ Norie.

These and many other Artists and DJs in the current music scenario endorse his portfolio.

Play it! Mix it! Rock it!

That’s what a DJ is for! Play it; mix it and create the rocking air that let your feet bounce and your hearts thump with the beat of the music! DJ Show being aware of different genres and styles knows how to play with beats and bass to multiply the interest of your guests at the event. Whether a slow romantic melody or a hip hop dancing number, manipulating sounds to create and hold an emotion in the air is what DJ Show is all about!

Event Planning?

Planning an event?  Do you wish to make it special?

Event planning could be a great headache at times! Whether it is your own event or you are planning it for someone else, DJ Show could be your life saver or rather, event saver!

You deserve the most special services in every way because you only live once!

DJ Show makes your events special and memorable in a musical way you would always remember! Plan your events with DJ Show to make them more enjoyable. Whether you need a background score at a wedding or a cocktail party, if you need to throw a musical night, or a concert, DJ Show can be your music maestro for the evening. DJ SHOW plays it well at:

  • Weddings

  • Concerts

  • Fashion shows

  • Parties

  • Opening acts/Closing acts

  • Corporate events

  • Personal parties or any other event that needs to be musical

Contact Us

Let the Music Speak for You!

Do you want your wedding day to be the most special day of your life? Do you need a maestro to cast the musical spell at any of your event? Then discuss with us about how you may do it! We take in every detail of your event, your choices and your themes at the event to make it worth all the investment you make. Covering events from night clubs to small gatherings, big stage concerts to corporate parties, we know what and where to play and how!

Let us know what do you wish to listen and we perform the best we can!

Business hours

We work late hours, early in the day and nights as per the nature of the event. However, to discuss the details of your events or to book with us, you may call any day between:

Monday to Saturday:9:00am to 8:00 pm

We are available 24/7 to answer your queries.

Check Availability

In order to avoid any other event to coincide with yours on our calendar, make sure you book us long before anyone else does! You may check for availability over the call or email and our respondents shall respond to you as soon as possible.

For further information or queries Give us a call!

Phone: 646 586 8558


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